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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mermaid Birthday

I made this Mermaid card to give to my sister, Rochelle, for her birthday!  I am still in love with shaker cards!  My friend, Bonnie, out in MO.  made this adorable Mermaid!  I would crown  her the Queen of Punch Art! She hand cut most of this gorgeous Mermaid.  I really was speechless when I opened the envelope and saw the pieces that she sent.  Her hair is my favorite !!  Thank you, Bonnie! 

I added the shine to her and of course, her pearls!  I think all Mermaids must love pearls!  I added a little bit of Graphic 45 By the Sea shells to my card too.  Love Graphic 45!  The inside of the card is below. 
Here are  several pictures from our vacation at Lake Madawaska in Northern Maine.  We spent a week there the first part of July. Hard to believe it is already mid August!   It is truly beautiful up there!  Summer is speeding by so fast.  Be sure to stop and enjoy the weather- Winter is just around the corner!



Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunflower Shaker Card

Whew!  It has been hot here!  Today, the humidity was a little better! Thank Goodness!  But I think it's coming back mid week. Boo!  I need to focus on how fast Winter is approaching!  That always works for me! 
This is a quick post just to show you that I am making cards!  My craft room is hot so it doesn't seem to be calling me as much lately.   I made the Mason Jar on my Envelope Punch  Board.  Here is the link with the instructions on how to make it-
The picture below is of the inside of my card!

I am really into Shaker cards!  I love the gleam and shine of the sequins and/or beads.  I did make the envelope to match.    Hope your summer is going well!  You know if will be over before we know it!  ENJOY!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer Fun 2016

It seems like forever since I have had time to post to my blog!  I am on vacation for the next 2 weeks and still have had trouble finding the time.  Plus it took me a bit to download pictures from my camera.  I have been making cards but have neglected to take any pictures of them before I gave them away!  Shame on me!   I wanted to share a few pictures of my Summer fun!  We went strawberry picking a couple of weekends ago!  We picked 8 quarts!  The strawberries were fabulous!! The picture below is of our Grandson, Everett.   I think we should have weighed him before he went into the field!!  He loves strawberries!!

My hubby made this wonderful Garden Pallet for me!  I hardly had to push him to do it !!  We have planted herbs in it!  I just love it because it can sit on our deck and it so easy to go and pick the herbs!!

The bureau was my mother in law, Queenie's bureau. I wanted to use in on the front deck for fun.  I took I from this....

to this..  I am going to set some plants inside some of the drawers.  I love this color!

Here are the last 2 projects-  My hubby helped me put together the 2 barrels for my iron pump to sit on.  The barrels are from Christmas Tree shops.  Hubby stained them and spray painted the insides with a rubber product so that won't rot as fast. 
My last project was this old chair I bought at a yard sale that had no seat.  I used it to make a planter in the seat.  This sits on my front porch. So you can see I have been busy!!  But I want to get back in my Craft Room!  The weather has been really nice so it's been hard not to be outside.  I will be back  with some more projects to share.. soon ..I hope.. Have fun!


Wednesday, June 8, 2016


We celebrated my niece's graduation from High School at the end of May.  It's hard to believe she has grown up and now is out of High School!  Time does fly!

I saw several Card in Box Graduation themed ideas that I just loved!  The pictures show my attempt at one of them.   It is very hard to get a good picture -so I took several.

I love the way they floated in the box.   I believe the sentiments are from Dr. Seuss!  I always loved his books as a kid and as I got older!

Here are the sides-

and the back-
It was great to get together with family too!  I took a picture of the Graduation cake too!  Of course, it was yummy!  Congratulation Emma!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Retirement Fairy!

I am still lovin' my new AI Fairy Stamp!  I had to show you another card I made for a co-worker who is retiring this month after 37 years!  Imagine!  The front of the card says it all!  Even though we don't work in the same office,  I will miss being able to call her and tap her expansive knowledge when I get in a bind.  She has a great sense of humor too!  One thing I have learned in this life- you better be able to laugh!!

Here is the inside of the card!  The Retirement Fairy is suspended in the "tunnel" of the card.  I picked the sentiment off the internet.  All them are so true!

Hehehehe!!  I think this Fairy is a hoot!  I don't think you can tell but I did use glitter on her wings and her wand.  What's a Fairy without glitter!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Secret Garden Pop Up Card


I was inspired by Einat Kessler 's beautiful Pop Up Book using Graphic 45 Paper.  You can see her book here along with a tutorial to show you how she made hers-

Elinat's is gorgeous!  Mine is a poor attempt to imitate a Master!  But I didn't make a book! I was content to try my hand at a card! 

Here are a few more pictures.  I found it hard to get good pictures so I did a quick video that you see above.  I thought it was easier to show you how it opened.



Thursday, April 28, 2016

Birthday Fairy!

I have been working on a Birthday day for no one in particular.  My Sisters and I went to the Creative Keepsakes Convention in Manchester, NH this past weekend and I bought a new Stamp and the dies!  I love AI's spinning stamps!  This Birthday Fairy is my favorite!   I found the sentiment on line and I think it is a hoot ... and very true!

Can you read it?  

Watch out for the Birthday Fairy!
Every time she visits she brings
one of her friends along...
Wrinkle Fairy, Gray Hair Fairy,
Bad Back Fairy, Big Butt Fairy
and Bad Eyesight Fairy!

Man, I wish that Fairy didn't have so many friends!!  I haven't posted in awhile. Believe it or not, I am working on Christmas projects!!  Really!!  I am not going to be last minute this year.  It's the ideas that take me a while to work out.  No!  Not this year!   We had 4 inches of snow this week!  This has got to be the latest that has happened but it helped put me in a Christmas mood!!

Anyway, here is a picture of the stamp set I used!   The picture I took of the back came out too blurry but I love the fact that you have both the front and the back!!   I love her!!!  I might try another card with her!  Have fun!


After posting this card-  I thought it needed more embellishment!  I couldn't resist adding some ribbons!  Now it is really over the top-!

Here is a shot of the back- this is where I will add some white card stock in order to sign the card!  I love that this stamp has a front and back!

The final picture shows the card when it is closed.  It will be easy to make an envelope in order to mail it!  Hope you enjoyed this card- I do get a chuckle when I look at it!!